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Versatile skillsets for changing needs.

Excellence is what we deliver. This is why our full lifecycle service offering gives you reliability, capability and security from start to finish with innovative solutions for your unique challenges. 
  • Planning.
  • Positioning.
  • Tendering.
  • Delivery.

Sustainable legacies start with an idea. They also start with early engagement, strategic planning and Struber. We take that idea and make sense of the complex and crowded to clearly plan and map your project or program for robust decision-making towards better outcomes for stakeholders and communities. 



Plant a seed and position your program, policy and project for success. We’ve supported the direction and implementation of fit-for-purpose policies and community positioning narratives that support long-term sustainable growth to leave a lasting legacy.



Strategic direction to bring your submission to life. We support you to tell winning stories to clients and proponents that shift bids from good to exceptional. Whether it’s full bid management, writing the technical methodology, a community or local industry engagement plan, stakeholder analysis, workshopping win themes or creative services, we give you a competitive edge.



Creating connections to your communities. It’s what we do best. We get your projects off the page and on the ground using the best talent in the market and our digital approach to build community trust and social license through open, honest and innovative engagement.


Strategies and planning.

From ESG frameworks, organisational visions and marketing strategies to community engagement plans and culture charters we deliver evidence-based and fit-for-purpose solutions to your strategy and planning needs.

Stakeholder engagement and program management.

Whether it’s land access and acquisitions, project development approvals or community consultation and facilitation, engagement is our strength. We work with you to prepare targeted and implementation-ready programs and deliver activities with confidence.

Communication tools and tactics.

We are storytellers, skilled at communicating and connecting across channels. Whether it’s an organisational website, community fact sheet or industry presentation we can help you put your best foot forward – visually and with the written word.

Strategic marketing solutions.

A strategic roadmap – a clear way forward – aligns teams and provides a backbone for success, We can help you build narratives around where you want to be, articulate your approach moving forward and deliver the right activities at the right time.

Research and analysis.

We value robust research and understand the important role it plays in decision-making, planning and reputation management. Our decades of experience have helped refine how we gather insights, analyse and map landscapes (organisation, project, stakeholder) and report back to add value.

Tendering and bid management.

We what it takes to deliver exceptional tenders – agile bid management, compelling writing, targeted returnable schedules, unique win themes, aligned culture, creative detail. We help you scale up to meet deadlines and deliver successful tenders.


A strong team culture is the cornerstone of success. Our expert team can help you curate your unique culture, align your team and drive success through baseline surveys, leadership engagement, high impact culture workshops, marvelous mantras and supporting communications, systems and evaluation frameworks.

Creative and Digital.

Tell your story and connect with your audience through visuals. Whether its digital or in print, we can help you engage your audience with an authentic brand and a toolbox of assets – websites, newsletters, fact sheets, videos, maps, infographics, animations, surveys and more.

Xchange – Recruitment, labour hire and training.

With a portfolio of dazzling skills and development programs to match, we’re overcoming workforce challenges. Whether its recruiting the best talent, assessing skills gaps or curating learning programs we can support you with your people needs.

Workshops, coaching and facilitation.

Expert facilitation and coaching can build awareness and understanding, share visions, draw out ideas and empower audiences. Struber brings our renown energy to help you curate engaging experiences - workshops, virtual forums, stakeholder briefings and presentations.

Events and activities.

Our immersive events and activities are designed to captivate, inspire and deliver a lasting impact. We provide support from the get go, building a clear scope and co-designing the approach; we scale up to execute and deliver the energy and experience on-the-day to leave a bright impact.

Independent advisory.

Independent reviews and advice can help build confidence and inform planning. From perception audits to systems and process reviews and compliance audits, we’re adept at scoping the requirements and selecting the right assessment tools.

Transformation and change management.

The ability to adapt in business is more important than ever. We know people respond to change differently and can help you create a clear roadmap forward (a shared vision, checking baselines and setting up action plans) and deliver it with effectively across disciplines.

We’ve got what you need.

Our own intellectual property and products from years of innovating in the industry.

Golden 30

Through our Golden 30 methodology, you can uncover true project partners that can become ambassadors or key advisors when it comes to adapting your approach and evaluating your success. Calling on your Golden 30 provides the certainty you need that the how, why, when and where of your engagement approach fits the communities in which you operate.

Decider Directory

Our Decider Directory provides you with data-rich, material information about the community groups and stakeholders in areas in which you operate and help you to use the information to make almost any decision involving community interface.

100 Day Critical Start Up

Our 100-day Critical Start Up is all about setting the project up for success with key messaging, template development, approvals systems, communication management plans, collateral for site establishment and engagement for property condition surveys.

We’re making an extraordinary impact on ESG. 

At risk of failing to meet your ESG contractual or strategic targets? Without immediate access to the right skills and expertise, you could be on the brink of noncompliance. Partner with Struber for a comprehensive approach to ESG practices.

ESG feature

Struber is where our clients need us to be.

Whether on the ground, embedded in the team, virtually connected or FIFO, we understand that adapting to the unique requirements of each of our clients, working to the program of works and offering unmatched expertise, gives you the results you desire and deserve.

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