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Like you, we’re addicted to the thrill of projects defining our future. Whether it be in infrastructure, capital works or something left of field, the way you communicate and engage with stakeholders is what creates a long-term and sustainable legacy.

That’s where Struber steps in.

Our highly targeted approach to communications and engagement pivots Australia’s major projects and programs towards success. From building a contentious new road map, to reshaping the way your corporation functions, to tender support, or creating marketing materials; we ignite change from the inside out.

More digital reach.

While the human touch is behind everything we do, our integrated digital approach brings an added edge to every project. We help you go further, be more sustainable, track investment and return, and have the right data to make your project decisions.

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Struber's detailed stakeholder identification and considered engagement programs enable viable options and rigourous evaluation across the multi-criteria analysis of socio-economic, environmental and sustainability.

Business Development Manager

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The caliber and competency of the consultant Struber supplied was way above my expectations. She hit the ground running and just kept sprinting for the duration of her stay.

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Manager

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Struber are superstars, talented writers and just get it done. Without Struber’s support, we wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere near the results we achieved.

Proposals Manager

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…from finding new ways to engage your stakeholders, to positioning your project for success at any stage in its lifecycle.

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