Generating local business opportunities with a fully virtual local industry briefing

Facilitated workshops, Supply chain engagement

Struber was engaged by Fulton Hogan to support the delivery of a fully virtual local industry briefing, to generate local interest and promote local supplier and business opportunities for the DIT Zone 2 Maintenance Contract in South Australia – an area covering approximately 12,000 lane kilometres.

The partnership  between a committed contractor and specialist engagement and technical  providers delivered a relevant event that successfully engaged local  businesses in a virtual setting.

The overarching objective was to demonstrate a commitment to creating community partnerships and maximising economic and social benefits. With COVID restrictions in place, this had to be achieved in a fully virtual and remote environment. Struber partnered with a specialist provider to ensure the online registration and event platform delivered a seamless, professional and accessible event. Struber also focused on targeted engagement to ensure relevant local business and supplier attendance at the event, including for one-on-one meetings so Fulton Hogan could comprehensively understand the local opportunities available.

The approach was underpinned by highly visual and engaging collateral to build interest, understanding and engagement during the event.

The tactics to promote and implement the event includes:

  • Promotion – the event was promoted through multiple avenues and channels  including advertising, media and social media. Struber drafted the media release.
  • Using existing databases – the ICN database was an avenue to target already interested and engaged businesses
  • Presentation – the presentation was highly visual to maximise interest, with speaking notes and virtual practice sessions ensuring the team was well prepared
  • One-on-one meetings – virtual meetings were arranged to ensure a better understanding of the local industry. The ICN database and comprehensive research ensured the one-on-one meetings were effective and productive as the team had a good understanding of businesses prior to meeting with them
  • Platform support – the specialist provider provided support in the lead-up and during the event, ensuring attendees could access and use the platform, without technical glitches during the presentations

Success factors include:

  • 137 people attended the event with more than 85 businesses requesting one-on-one meetings with project representatives
  • More than 25% of attendees provided feedback, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 for the event delivery, with 100% of respondents agreeing the event was a good length
  • Feedback included informative, great presenters, good content, relevant and genuine
  • No technical issues (drop-outs, freezing, or sound issues) were experienced during the event
August 25, 2021
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