Using data to find and activate key stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement and Decider Directory

Communities are filled with untapped resources to help your organisation achieve goals in ways you can’t imagine. But sometimes the hardest part of building intel about your community is knowing where to start.

Where do you focus your communication? Can you use science and data to know how to engage? Can you apply Tinder type principles to stakeholder engagement?

Struber’s Decider Directory takes away the ‘guessing game’ that often comes with deciding what, when, how, where and why to invest in and engage with communities.

Using a unique data-centric methodology and ranking system, our Decider Directory provides rich, material information about the community groups and stakeholders in areas in which you operate, and helps you use the information to make almost any decision involving community interface. Learn how our Decider Director solved three common engagement scenarios

Scenario 1: Partnerships and sponsorship

Your partnerships and sponsorships budget is approved, how do you choose which community group to invest with? And how do you build a genuine partnership and legacies that realises the benefits from this investment.


• Mapped and developed community directory of 200+ stakeholders

• Identified top 60 groups that aligned with client’s three focus areas, refined to the Top 20 and held insight interviews with the top three of each category

• Informed, data driven short-list backed by human touch and interviews to determine the strongest outcome for the client.

Scenario 2: Recruiting Community Reference Groups

You need a reference group that is truly representative – how do you find and recruit the right stakeholders for a major health reform program across the whole state?


• Mapped 250+ stakeholders groups, narrowed down to the top 160 organisations

• Further refined by regional location and individual stakeholders representing the organisations with profile and level of influence.

Scenario 3: State-wide or national engagement

You’ve got a mandate to reach your most relevant stakeholders for a technology that has far-reaching benefits across many sectors. How do you know who they are? And how do you create advocates to promote the technology and its benefits?


• Interviewed 15+ stakeholders relevant to the client’s goals to seek feedback on the technology

• Delivered a Decider Directory that recommended the top 60 stakeholders to engage to progress promotion, with a positioning plan implement promotion and engagement.

July 6, 2022
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