Facilitating workshops to help stakeholders find a common purpose and bring world-class music to Gold Coast.

Stakeholder engagement, Workshop facilitation, Creative and digital

The endorsement of the Gold Coast Music Action Plan 2021 led to investigations to create a Special Entertainment Precinct (SEP) in Southport as part of the Gold Coast’s evolution as a vibrant, creative city with world-class music.

Struber was engaged to facilitate internal workshops to develop a shared purpose, objectives and understand key stakeholder interests, and to develop a recommended approach for ongoing stakeholder engagement.

Multiple City of Gold Coast departments had visibility and touchpoints with stakeholders interested and affected by a potential Southport SEP.

Struber’s approach was to develop collaborative internal workshops that shared history and knowledge, considered lessons learnt from the Fortitude Valley SEP, reviewed risks and opportunities, and achieved alignment on purpose and objectives to inform the overall approach to future stakeholder engagement.

Collaboration across multiple departments informed a thorough engagement approach

The workshops included opportunities to collaborate through:

  • Small break-out groups to capture key stakeholders, existing contact, history, challenges and opportunities, roles and responsibilities and an action plan
  • Presentations by knowledge experts to further understand the Music Action Plan 2021, local planning instruments, local law creation, and the Fortitude Valley SEP case study
  • Using an interactive digital workshop software to contribute to and develop an overarching vision, purpose, and objectives
  • The workshops informed the development of a three-phased engagement approach that considered targeted engagement with more than 300 identified key stakeholders.

Project results:

  • Workshops held with more than 15 attendees representing seven City of Gold Coast departments
  • Struber introduced collaborative and digital tools to capture and expand on real-time feedback
  • More than 300 interested or directly affected stakeholders identified, supported by targeted and relevant engagement tactics
November 8, 2021
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