Raising the profile of Sunwater's largest weir in regional Queensland.

100 day critical start up

Rookwood Weir is a $352.2 million Jointly funded Queensland and Australian Government project to capture water in the Fitzroy River 66 km’s South-West of Rockhampton. The Project is being delivered by an Alliance comprised of SunWater, Construction partners ACCIONA and McCosker Contracting and design partner GHD.

Struber hit the ground running to guide and develop key project deliverables for the first 100 days. Struber was immediately embedded in the delivery of communications to raise the project’s profile amongst the community and industry in time for the rapidly approaching start of construction.

Developed a fully interactive, customised KRA dashboard to monitor progress throughout the project

Struber reviewed SunWater’s stakeholder management plan to develop its recommended programme of deliverables for the first 100 days, including:

- Preparing senior project managers to attend industry briefings, conferences and exposto positively position the project

- Created templates for notifications, letters, presentations and EDM’s

- Provided timely and accurate information to SunWater for notifications, letters to residents, reports and media releases for early works

- Engaged with local businesses and suppliers to promote opportunities for working on the project

- Created content calendars to identify and track engagement opportunities, dashboards to measure KRA data and, registers to identify future award opportunities

Industry Briefing attended by more than 70 local businesses, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. 100% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed the information was clear, timely and relevant

Stuber’s tried and tested critical start-up experience meant we were able to hit the ground running to deliver key project communications in preparation for the rapidly approaching start of construction. Our experience and agility meant we were able to embed a coordinator and allocate a strategic advisor during key dates to maximise value.

November 11, 2021
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