Engaging with community, stakeholders and government using multiple methods, at the right time with the right skills

Community and stakeholder engagement, Decider directory

Struber joined the Joint Venture during project delivery as an embedded senior area advisor resource to lead communications and stakeholder engagement activities of the southern section of the large alignment.

Struber drastically reduced logged complaints from 32 to 6 per month through proactive community and stakeholder engagement.

Struber focused on establishing internal relationships within the JV and project teams, while also concentrated on the community and stakeholders to deliver successful communication and engagement activities.

Key strategies and milestones included:

  • Developed a business engagement approach while implementing an engagement and communication management plan for an upcoming road occupation
  • Proactively engaged with stakeholders around project information, complaints and impacts and discussed ways to manage construction disruption for the community
  • Developed and lead client presentations to present planned upcoming works and the supporting communication and engagement activities

Struber’s delivery experience enabled a quick and trusted transition into the team, leading tasks that included:

  • Coordinated all engagement and communications activities for a freeway closure and an arterial road closure, distributing 12,000 works notifications to the community
  • Provided strategic advice on community relations and business impact mitigation strategies aiming to minimise community impacts and protect project reputation
  • Collaborated with Major Roads Project Victoria to ensure a unified and appropriate approach to managing communications and engagement activities and risk
  • Identified and coordinated proactive media and project opportunities to highlight project milestones and protect reputation and brand
Struber’s extensive experience in project delivery and identifying proactive media opportunities further enhanced the project’s reputation.


  • Embedded resource within a week enabled a quick transition and continuous implementation of the engagement and communication activities
  • Drastically reducing logged complaints from 32 to 6 per month by increasing proactive community and stakeholder engagement
  • Delivered 6-week road occupation engagement and communication activities keeping the community informed and prepared
  • Successfully implemented engagement within COVID restrictions
Intensive proactive engagement with community, stakeholders and government using multiple methods, at the right time with the right skills.

Additional facts/figures included:

  • $375 million project
  • Design and Construction contract
  • 9.4 kilometres of new freeway and 6 new bridges  
  • 75,000 daily journeys by 2031
  • 70-75% reduction of vehicles on Wells Road
June 15, 2022
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