Analysing and determining alignment of Downer and Melbourne Water's values and drivers to produce quality and strategic content

Tender strategy, Tender writing, Design support

Melbourne Water released a call for EOIs from potential service providers for participation in its Maintenance Delivery and Associated Services.

Struber was engaged to deliver detailed tender schedule responses, develop, deliver, and provide strategic oversight of the Executive Summary, provide graphic design expertise as well as overarching strategic advice and editorial review.

Struber worked with Downer to produce the EOI schedule responses and develop and design the Executive Summary.

Working closely with Downer’s expansive, nation-wide team, we learnt and understood Downer’s drivers. We then used this information to refine the content that we’d incorporate into the EOI response.

In addition, we developed the strategic direction of the Executive Summary.

Struber brought an extensive prior experience of tendering to the project and worked as a strategic advisor, providing editorial and content advice across the EOI response.

To deliver the EOI response to within a short timeframe, with a team spread across Australia, Struber used a range of tactics. Including but not limited to:

  • Virtual meetings and interviews
  • Detailed desktop research
  • Live editing of design content to ensure our material met both Downer’s expectations and Melbourne Water’s requirements.
June 15, 2022
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