Developing a comprehensive and strategic approach to position the City in a defined, consistent and clear role on the light rail project

Community and stakeholder engagement

Struber was engaged by City of Gold Coast (the City) to provide strategic communication and engagement advice during early planning for Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 4, which is being delivered in partnership with Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Our strategy included:

  • helping the City navigate the project environment to ensure the City’s key messages and positioning statement were clear, defined, and consistent.
  • Struber recommended a positioning plan be developed, guiding City’s approach to engagement with key stakeholders (internally and externally) on light rail stage 4.
  • Struber undertook a comprehensive scan of the project environment. Inputs to the plan included stakeholder mapping, a risk workshop with internal teams and a media scan of light rail for the last four years.
  • Struber then proposed a four-tiered approach to engagement to target stakeholders based on their alignment to City values/needs/wants for the project and their level of influence.
As part of the positioning plan, Struber’s tactics included:
  • Strategic approach
  • Risk workshop
  • Stakeholder map and stakeholder analysis
  • Media scan and analysis.
In addition to the positioning plan, Struber’s initial media scan and analysis was extended due to the value we provided to the wider project team.

125 electronic sticky notes were used on the Miro Boards during the risk workshop.

210 articles were picked up in the media scan (June 2017 to July 2021).

June 15, 2022
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