Maintaining stakeholder relationships through end of construction activities.

Stakeholder engagement

Struber partnered with Lendlease to assist with stakeholder relations in the final stage of the project prior to completion.

Struber joined the Lendlease team to assist in delivering engagement activities for the final stages of the $1.143 billion Gateway Upgrade North project (Nudgee to Bracken Ridge). Struber was immediately embedded in the delivery of communications activities to support project deliverables and predicted outcomes from the community who was already very fatigued by the project.

Struber jumped in headfirst at the tail end of the project and successfully managed priority end of construction activities while effectively maintaining existing stakeholder relationships and property closeout reporting.


  • led post-construction building condition survey process, including a letter of offer, scheduling of inspections, liaison with resident and contractor and sending final closeout report.
  • attended regular site meetings with the client and Transport and Main Roads representatives
  • managed noise wall property close out with directly affected properties
  • 24-hour hotline service and responding to web enquiries
March 13, 2022
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