Adapting in-person industry forums to online COVID-safe events for the Eyre Peninsula Link project.

Stakeholder engagement, Creative

Struber assisted with the organisation and facilitation of the Eyre Peninsula Link Local Industry Forums.

Initially planned and organised for two in-person events, it was reverted to a virtual event two weeks prior due to COVID restrictions, with Downer still reaching more than 170 South Australian businesses.

The overarching objective was to demonstrate a commitment to creating community partnerships and maximising the economic and social benefits. While initially planned and advertised for two in-person events, when COVID restrictions came into place, this had to be achieved in a fully virtual and remote environment.

Struber focused on ensuring that attendees were aware of the shift to a virtual event, and that they were equipped to access it effectively. Struber also ensured that the presenters had everything they needed to prepare for the event – including correct technology and familiarity with the presentation.

The approach was underpinned through the use of highly visual and engaging collateral to build interest, understanding and engagement during the event.

The event was well attended, received positively, and provided the local industry with all the information they needed to register their interest in the project.

The tactics to promote and implement the event included:
  • Promotion – the event was promoted through multiple avenues and channels including advertising, media and social media.
  • Keeping attendees informed of changes – after the move to a virtual event, Struber engaged with attendees to ensure they were comfortable with the online format and knew how to access the platform.
  • Using existing databases – the ICN database was an avenue to target already interested and engaged businesses.
  • Presentation – the presentation was highly visual to maximise interest, with speaking notes ensuring the team was well prepared.
  • One-on-one meetings – virtual meetings were arranged to ensure a better understanding of the local industry. The registration form and additional comprehensive research ensured the one-on-one meetings were effective and productive as the team had a good understanding of businesses prior to meeting with them.
As a result of the project:
  • 110 businesses attended the events.
  • 68 one-on-ones were arranged.
  • 92% of respondents thought the event was a good length.
  • Feedback included: clear, informative, concise.

November 8, 2021
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