Coaching Calcutta executive team to design and deliver an incredibly engaging and powerful presentation

Facilitated workshops

Struber provided presentation coaching to the Calcutta executive teams in Queensland and New South Wales to design and deliver a powerful presentation that is engaging and credible.

Struber established a learning program to assist the executive teams to foster their own communication style, apply confidence and calming techniques, and thrive in presentation environments.
Presentation coaching  training was divided into key components:
  • Frame your story
  • Live the content
  • Bring content to life
  • Harness your voice, gestures, movement, and body language
  • Conquer nerves
Struber collaborated with Calcutta Group to formulate an agenda for a half day workshop which entailed:
  • Mock scenario testing
  • Techniques using video and audio specialists
  • Leave behind tips and tricks guide on ‘How to Construct your Presentation’ and Presentation Development Coaching’ outlining the key components to success

Struber provided one-on-one coaching to reinforce guide, workshop components and support the utilisation of newfound skills.

Struber designed and facilitated one practice session run through.

June 15, 2022
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