What does your #FutureOfWork look like?

Tanya Morrissey

Tanya Morrissey

This is the burning question that Struber has asked ourselves over the past month. Returning to the traditional way of working no longer suits the flexible approach we pride ourselves on. Going back to the old ways would also feel like we’d failed to take advantage of our learnings and growth in this challenging time.

Struber’s people make our culture what it is. The most important step to discovering our shared #FutureOfWork meant engaging with them directly. We put together an #EmployeeSurvey to help us explore thoughts and ideas from our rockstar people.

Their input helped us compile real feedback on their experience of working remotely. We also looked at company stats like sick days taken, staff billable hours worked, and productivity since full-time remote working was introduced. We also explored the success of our digital presence and performance during COVID-19 restrictions.

Weighing up the information, we’ve decided Struber’s #FutureOfWork will be a #ScheduledRemoteWorking model.

Being a forward-focused company full of young professionals and working parents, Struber has always supported the ‘work from home’ movement. We know it allows flexibility and distraction-free focus, especially when powering to finish a task. Prior to COVID-19, the choice to work from home was left up to our individual consultants.

But by moving to a scheduled remote working model, Struber is calling for our entire multi-state team to work on a ‘collective schedule’, rather than a ‘choose your own adventure’ format. It means we can give everyone equal opportunity to work from home regularly while making sure there’s ample coverage in the office. It means we can maximise efficiency, and be certain as a company about who is going to be where and when they’ll be there.

Most importantly, it guarantees everyone has the opportunity to achieve work/life harmony, with time to focus uninterrupted on the jobs that have to be done.

Once we had a plan in place, we set out to ensure our office was set up for staff to return safely. Our solution? A #CleanContact approach. Clean contact involves the additional necessary hygiene processes and procedures to support a safe return to in-office collaboration, working with clients, and undertaking the community and stakeholder engagement activities required as part of our core business offering.

We created checklists for our staff, and engaging collateral displayed around the office to remind our people the important pointers for protecting their health and the health of others. We educated our staff on the new approach and will bring this to life from July 2020.

Now is the time to discover what your #FutureOfWork looks like!

What does your future of work look like?

What does your #FutureOfWork look like?
Tanya Morrissey
September 22, 2021
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