Identifying real influencers is actually the powerful first step to success

Julie Castle

Julie Castle

Don't underestimate the quiet achievers when it comes to stakeholders.

We've learnt over the years of specialising in infrastructure in metropolitan and regional locations across Australia, that the stakeholders who put their hands up and want to be part of the story, aren't always the representative or actually able to communicate with the masses.

Your dream of consulting internal and external stakeholders so well to build your social licence is about actually finding fresh faces. People that you can engage with, deliberate with, and get honest feedback from to make sure your project gets the buy-in it deserves.

Struber has been honing our IP around how we build relationships with the tolerant, disengaged, champion, or unknown advocate stakeholders over the years. And we love doing the hard work upfront.


  • Identify and understand the real influencers and give them a purpose to engage with you on something that matters to them.
  • Ask open-ended questions at evidence-based interviews to make sure you get ideas and insights that are going to be incredibly valuable as you move through the process
  • Find a shared vision that removes the barriers to participation.
  • Think about something that matters, like population growth, liveability, sustainability, anything that's going to help mobilise people, and that makes you make sure you have your project success on track.
So do your research, look around, and keep your ears to the ground.

Find those people that know more than they say and notice more than you realise. These are the influencers that are going to make your project a success.

Identifying real influencers is actually the powerful first step to success
Julie Castle
November 24, 2020
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