How virtual engagement absolutely changed the way we engage

Julie Castle

Julie Castle

Everyone is talking about the pros and cons of virtual engagement.

But let us be honest, if anyone has been saving time and money during this COVID-19 period, they're not going back to the old way of doing things.

  • We have been working on different clean contact engagement strategies, where we are doing a lot on the phone.
  • We are using online platforms differently, and I am finding the quality of liaison is high because people are available.
  • In terms of supply chain engagement, we are witnessing contractors taking their industry forums online, and in fact, engaging and providing one-on-one experiences that they would not normally have time for. These are exciting opportunities for contractors who have something innovative to share with a tier-one, or a government client, where they might not normally get face time.
  • We are seeing people use online visitors centre experiences, which, to be honest, I think are far more interesting than face-to-face exhibitions.
  • And teams are getting together and using breakout rooms, online whiteboards, and anonymous voting to make sure that they can continue to have a consensus and move forward on their strategies.
The way we reach and involve people have permanently changed.

So, get on board. If you need to get some training, understand the tools and the apps that are out there, spend the time because you will find those costs and time benefits are going to be there fourfold.

So, turn your camera on, and be open to the opportunities of increased reach and involvement from your project team, or the community.

It is time to take it to the masses.
How virtual engagement absolutely changed the way we engage
Julie Castle
November 13, 2020
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