Go clean but be seen

Julie Castle

Julie Castle

In the first quarter of 2021, we have noticed that people are getting at ease and comfortable in bouncing back to the old way of doing things which is concerning. We need to make sure that we're respecting people's space, and should restrictions continue, we are ready to go to keep communicating, engaging and taking people on the journey with our projects.

And so, my suggestion is Go clean but be seen.

Make sure that you're doing that ultimate mix of digital and traditional.

There is nothing wrong with sending a letter to a resident, letting them know that you are visiting them on a certain day to have a particular conversation.

There is also no issue with assisting people with using digital tools and keeping up those video and other communications, conferences so that people can be part of the conversation, but they don't have to front up and feel at risk.

It's important that in carrying on with different community engagement activities, we are respectful and mindful of safety practises that were established during the COVID-19 crisis last year.

So, make sure you go clean, but be seen. Make sure that people understand how they can be part of your process, that things are all matching up in terms of on-ground communications and virtual communications.

It is only then that people can play their part and be a great advocate for your project.
Go clean but be seen
Julie Castle
April 13, 2021
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