Agile resourcing

Dion Castle

Dion Castle

For project leaders, breaking down the work that is required from a community engagement and communications point of view enables faster and a higher-quality work to be able to move for the program activities on a project.

  • Firstly, the granular identification of the skills and expertise of the work that needs to be done and needs to be carried out
  • Secondly, for hard to fill roles, project leaders need to unbundle the skills that are needed to be able to deliver the job. That enables skills to be matched to the requirements in a much greater detail
  • Thirdly, for teams involved in more complicated and cross-functional activities particularly like comms and engagement, breaking down the activities into little tasks enables the performance, and accountability and scoring to be brought in to make sure that those teams are achieving the wider company objectives
  • Because we have broken down tasks into much greater detail, it enables the project teams to pivot based on new data that’s received whether that’s from a program from a construction point of view, or from stakeholder data that’s come through which needs the ultimate program of work
  • And lastly, better performance management and KPI’s and time tracking, can help the get the most of an agile work force

And these steps are where Struber can help you play a part in having that agile resourcing on major projects.

Agile resourcing
Dion Castle
April 2, 2019
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