4 powerful procurement strategies you need to win projects today

Julie Castle

Julie Castle

Bidders are trying to reduce their costs.
Clients are trying to be clear on expectations while rushing work out.
Community expectations are high and winning is critical to survival.

Offer the ability to innovate but don’t impose on what the client has asked for.

I’ve seen many teams rush off in the wrong direction making sure that they can offer the client something better than what they asked for, but not knowing that what they’re peddling is not something they can buy.

Think about your winning edge and make it attractive.

Make sure that decision-makers can interpret your uniqueness in the right way and communicate it clearly over and over again.

Know the requirements and execute on them.

It is not fair to say, “Yeah, right, we’ll forget about that.” It’s gonna get you in the long run. You need to create a methodology and resourcing strategy that meets the promises required.

Refresh your procurement library.

With a full speed ahead procurement push for years and years to come, now is the time to refresh your procurement library, have a fresh approach in terms of your playbook on how you tackle those activities and make sure that you’re ready to motivate high performing virtual teams because this is the new normal.

Get ready to run.

4 powerful procurement strategies you need to win projects today
Julie Castle
October 6, 2021
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